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Parallel Import of Products in the Aesthetics Industry

The Impact of Parallel Import on the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Industry in the UK

In the dynamic world of the aesthetics industry, parallel import, also known as grey import, has become a prevalent issue. Parallel import refers to the import and sale of non-counterfeit products without the authorization of trademark owners. This practice poses significant challenges to the UK aesthetics industry, affecting both businesses and consumers. In this blog post, we will explore the abundance of parallel import and grey import within the UK aesthetics industry and discuss the implications it has on practitioners and patients

1.0 The Abundance of Parallel Import and Grey Import within the UK Aesthetics Industry

1.1 What are Parallel Imported and Grey Imported Goods?

Parallel imported goods are legitimate products that are sold outside of authorized distribution channels, often without the permission of trademark owners. These products, also referred to as grey imports, can lead to trademark infringement issues. When customers advertise treatments involving parallel imported products, they may unknowingly contribute to the infringement as well.

Parallel imports are often attractive due to their lower prices compared to authorized products. However, it is crucial to note that these products do not come with the manufacturer’s warranty, and their suitability for use in the destination country is not guaranteed2.

1.2 How Parallel Import is Affecting Aesthetics and Cosmetics in the UK

Parallel Import and Grey Import in the Aesthetics Industry

While parallel importation exists across various industries, its impact on the medical sector, particularly aesthetics and cosmetics, can be severe and even life-threatening. Many individuals are unaware of the dangers associated with purchasing products from unauthorized distributors.

Aesthetic practitioners have faced significant challenges, such as business closures and disputes with patients that couldn’t be resolved through insurance2. Buying from unauthorised distributors rendered their insurance policies void, leading to expensive compensation fees and damaged reputations. While established companies may recover from such setbacks, new businesses often struggle to bounce back.

2.0 Parallel Importation of Aqualyx in the UK

Aqualyx, the renowned fat dissolver, has gained global recognition for its exceptional results and patient satisfaction. However, a startling statistic reveals that approximately 43% of all Aqualyx sold in the UK is imported from countries outside the UK and Europe3. This means that 43% of Aqualyx treatments administered lack manufacturer warranty coverage, potentially leaving them uninsured.

While some imported Aqualyx products may be genuine, there is no reliable way to authenticate the vials or ensure their proper storage and transportation. As a result, the manufacturer’s warranty becomes void, raising concerns about the safety and effectiveness of these products.

2.1 Who is the Official Authorised Distributor and Supplier of Aqualyx in the UK?

Appointed by manufacturers of the fat dissolving product, Aqualyx, the authorised distributor and official supplier of Aqualyx is Forma Medical Group. The aesthetic and cosmetic pharmacy and wholesale group is entrusted to correctly source and distribute all of Aqualyx Fat Dissolver within the UK, they provide all necessary training, product information, guidance and administration knowledge needed for all aesthetic and cosmetic practices.

With that being said, Aqualyx UK ( is owned by Forma Medical Group. Aqualyx can be bought directly through us or Forma Medical Groups aesthetics pharmacy Forma Pharma.

3.0 Conclusion

Parallel import and grey import practices have infiltrated the UK aesthetics industry, causing significant repercussions for both practitioners and patients. It is essential for stakeholders in the industry to be aware of the risks associated with parallel importation and prioritize the use of authorized distribution channels. By promoting awareness and adhering to legitimate supply chains, the aesthetics and cosmetic industry can ensure the safety, effectiveness, and trustworthiness of the products used, benefiting both businesses and consumers alike.

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