Ordering Aqualyx

Find the correct and authorised channels to purchase Aqualyx in the United Kingdom to ensure patient and clinic safety.

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The No.1 fat-dissolving treatment recognised internationally by medical professionals in over 78 countries.

Aqualyx Academy

Learn the official treatment techniques with the only official UK training course endorsed by Aqualyx UK and Marllor BioMedical.

Administration Information

Discover all the knowledge needed for administrating Aqualyx treatments within your clinic

Our Products

Body Contouring

Face Augmentation

The developers and manufacturers of all Aqualyx worldwide. Marllor BioMedical entrusts solely authorised distribution of Aqualyx sold within the to Forma Medical Solutions

Aqualyx Academy

Learn the official Aqualyx administration techniques from the founders and medical directors of Aqualyx.

Aqualyx Knowledge

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