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The Science Behind Aqualyx


The non-surgical alternative in the treatment of localized adiposity.

Prior to the development of Aqualyx, numerous scientific studies were published and clearly demonstrated that solutions that used “off-label” for non-surgical reduction of localized adiposities based on phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate, the active ingredient responsible for adipocytolysis were the detergent, sodium deoxycholate.

In the studies, the use of sodium deoxycholate alone produced serious tissue necrosis due to the detergent’s lack of selectivity and the high degree of aggressiveness. The development of Aqualyx’s eliminated harmful effects, such as necrosis.

Aqualyx molecular structure

The Composition of Aqualyx

Based on these scientific studies, in 2004 Prof. Motolese began on the new formulation of Aqualyx that acts by selectively destroying fat cells (adipocitolysis) without damaging neighbouring tissues. This resulted in the development of Aqualyx, a micro gelatinous solution containing micro quantities of molecules with an adipocitolytic action (derived from sodium deoxycholate). Aqualyx was developed with a short half-life, capable of modulating and intensifying the effect on adipose tissue, through the external application of medium-frequency ultrasound.

Histological Studies

Histological studies performed ex vivo have shown how the combined action of externally applied medium-frequency ultrasound at 1.3 MHZ within the areas treated during a period varying from 3 to 6 weeks, produces the following effects:

  • Cellular swelling;
  • Homogenization of the cytoplasm;
  • Rupture of cell membrane;
  • Ultimately lysis of the adipocyte.

FIGURE A:  Sample infiltrated with 10cc of saline solution prior to Aqualyx: Normal adipose tissue with preserved lobular structure.

FIGURE B: Sample infiltrated with Aqualyx: Swollen adipocytes and “split rail” separation of cellular membrane lipidic bilayer.

FIGURE C: Sample infiltrated with Aqualyx and subsequently exposed to external ultrasound: Swollen adipocytes and “split rail” separation of cellular membrane lipidic bilayer, homogenised cytoplasm content and widespread area of cellular destruction.

Patient Results

Aqualyx has yielded remarkable results for countless patients, transforming their bodies and boosting their confidence.

Individuals have experienced visible reductions in localised fat deposits, and the patient results achieved through Aqualyx treatment showcase the effectiveness of the advanced fat-dissolving solution which is Aqualyx.